Building a Large Classic Picnic Table in 2 Days

Large Outdoor Tables for a Large Family

classic outdoor table

DIY classic picnic table design.

A large family will need a large picnic table. A six seater should be sufficient if not building 2 will be ideal and give you plenty of room. Below we will give you a couple of ideas and tips for building your own large picnic table.

Before You Start

Before you begin the task of building figure out how many people you need to accommodate. My household consists of 4 so a classic 6 foot long table was perfect. I do plan on building one more the same size for when guest come over. If you are a big person consider building a table with the benches detached.

Round and Octagon Tables

Another option can be building a round or octagon table. The design I like would be one with the seats not attached. The best feature about round or octagon is that playing cards or board games make them great. A round picnic table will fit a smaller family great. Also the appearance of a round table just looks better, to me anyway.


To get started go out and look for picnic table plans there are many available and the details are great. Make sure to follow the details and pay attention to the materials you will need. You can calculate all the lumber and hardware before you begin. Many times the cost of paint or stain will not be mentioned on the plans so make sure to calculate that in.


The lumber most common will probably be pine because it is the most affordable. The type of pine available will depend on the area you live. This type of lumber is classified as a soft wood and it is used for many things such as framing houses.

It is a good idea to use pressure treated lumber on any parts that come in contact with the ground. If treated lumber is used in the top will you will come in contact with, be sure to paint that surface.

Popular Spring Projects

spring projectsBest Spring Projects for the Weekend Handyman

Now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to start getting out and start building some backyard projects.

If you like to build using plans or if you have never built check out this website for the easiest to follow plans online

Around this time of the year we all want to the some spring cleaning. Throughout the winter we have been gathering stuff we need as well as stuff we do not really need. If you are like me you will start moving everything from the house into the garage. This brings up a great project for this spring, a shed. Having a shed will allow you to clean up your house and garage, and park the car back in the garage again. The website mentioned above has great instructions and ideas for sheds. The shed range in size from big ones that are perfect for storage to smaller ones good for garden equipment.

I f you do not already have a pergola know is the perfect time to build it and have it ready for those outdoor barbeques. A good size pergola will allow lots of outdoor chairs and tables (that you can also build). The pergola can be built on top of a wooden deck or concrete slab. If you have neither a wood deck can be built in a couple of days.

One project that is going to be a must for me this year is a chicken coop. A small chicken coop to accommodate 3-4 chickens should provide me with plenty of fresh eggs. Building a hen house is kind of like building a small shed. But keep in mind when building to add a vent, a large door to make cleaning easy, a small door with a ramp so the chickens can come in and out, and a nest box that allows checking for eggs easy.

One of my favorite websites, it’s my favorite because the plans are very detailed, will be adding plans for chicken coops. you can stay updated on the latest project by following them here



Buying High Quality Storage Shed

Many people will buy or build a shed for a lot of different reasons. They will be used to store garden equipment such as mowers, edgers, trimmers, etc.. Or it can be used to remove clutter from your garage. Or maybe perhaps a workshop or work space. They can be purchased in many designs and dimensions to fit any needs you will require.

A shed has is a very simple design. See all the storage shed plans at diygardenplans website.  Most likely it will be set on a concrete base or on a skid foundation made of wood. Check with your building department to determine what you are allowed to build.

To add more elegance to your shed, add details such as trim, windows, shingles and doors . You can make an ordinary shed look stunning just by adding some simple details.

What you want your structure to look and do will be things to consider when purchasing. Is this space going to be used for a storage, or will it be a work space? Perhaps a combination of both, part work space and part storage. Take your time when choosing the right design and size.

To begin you will want to determine the dimensions you require. Find out what size shed can fit properly into your home. To get an image of the size you will need to find out what you will be putting inside, for example outdoor furniture, bikes, grills, etc.. If it will be used as a work place, make sure to leave room to move around comfortably. Having light and electricity might as well be required. If you are going to be using this space as a small workshop you well want to place extra attention to the location you pick. Keep in mind that south facing windows will bring in very nice sunlight, but may also produce to much heat.

The most common designs to choose from will be the barn style, gable roof, lean to, salt box, and the hip roof. The gable is probably the one that is used the most, it has two even roof tops that will form a triangle roof top. The barn design shed has a roof with two sloped pitches on each side. A lean to has only one slope from front to back. A hip shed has a roof that slopes down in four directions from the top.

Storage shed Kits can be purchased in a wide range of materials. Vinyl sheds will require very little maintenance. The best thing about vinyl is that it will not corrode like metal, or decay like wood. A wood shed on the other hand is very strong and sturdy, it can handle wind and snow loads very will. You can as well match a wood shed to your home by painting it and adding shingles. If you are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend to much a metal shed can be the most affordable. If you are buying a metal shed you will want to be will informed on the warranty it carries against rust. With proper maintenance these sheds will last for many years.

Simple To Read Shed Plans

the easiest to follow plansThe tutorial on how to build a shed is one of the easiest shed plans to read that I have come across. The details on this tutorial have pictures that makes the plans very easy to follow.

There are lots of designs and sizes available, and the plans can be seen before you purchase.

All the material required can be obtained at any home improvement center. The tools are common and you may already have them.

To get started you will need to download the plans to make printing them easy. Once you get them printed out study them and go through the cut list to figure out what you need.

Cutting rafters for the new shed

Read more on rafters here

DIY Projects

DIY Projects

Below you can scroll through the list to find outdoor projects to build. The plans are in inches and feet. Some of these projects will include a PDF file that makes them easy to print out. If the PDF file is not provided you can easily just right click in click on print. You can use the links below or visit the main site. On the left hand side of the website you will find the list of plans labeled alphabetically.


Visit the main website for the complete list of projects.